Why you should use a Travel Advisor for your next trip


In a world where everyone is a do-it-yourselfer you may ask why  you should even bother booking with a Travel Advisor when you can “just go online and book”…here’s my answer:

  1. WE SAVE YOU TIME! Have you ever booked your own trip before? If so, didn’t it take you forever to get all of the details right and you still questioned if you made the right choice? To decide on hotel, best flights with the most reasonable price, to explore site-seeing options, to figure out how you are getting to and from the hotel once you arrive at the destination…you get my point. We do all of that for you. With one phone call we can have a custom itinerary sent out to you within a few hours that checks all of your boxes.  
  2. HAKUNA MATATA! (Can you tell I just saw The Lion King this past weekend?) We take the stress and worry out of vacations. You’ve always got us in your corner advocating on your behalf if anything were to go wrong. Would you rather call that online booking site you booked through, and wait on hold while being passed around for three hours by representatives that don’t care, or call me up and then not worry because you know I’m handling it? 
  3. YOU GET THE BEST VALUE! We have access to a variety of resources to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. We also know which destinations and resorts are going to give you the best experience within your budget. In addition, a lot of advisors, including myself, do not charge a fee. You’ll end up paying the same price (sometimes less!) if you were to book on your own, but you’re getting the help of an expert for free!
  4.  THE EXTRA PERKS! I have developed relationships and partnerships with resorts over the years and this gains my clients special amenities. I gift massages, upgrades, bottles of wine, etc. when I can. Most times I am also able to offer a payment plan for your trip. These are all things you typically would not get when booking yourself online. 
  5. WE PREPARE YOU FOR YOUR TRIP! It’s important to me to set my clients up for a successful trip. For example, most people don’t know that your medical coverage here in the US will not be accepted in other countries- this is why I recommend travel insurance to all of my clients. I am just a quick phone call or email away when questions arise. I send my clients a packing and travel tips list, good to knows about the destination and resort, and their official travel documents along with clear directions on how to find their airport transportation upon arrival at their destination. I make sure they have all of the information needed to ensure they have a great trip! 

The other thing to remember is that you are helping a small business, maybe even your friend or family member, support themselves. This is my profession and how I make money. If folks don’t book with me, I don’t make any money. When you book with those online booking sites you are supporting a large corporation- wouldn’t you rather support someone you know- especially when you’re paying the same price either way?

When you’re ready to start planning your next vacation I hope to hear from you! ♥


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